Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nurture Creativity~Soldering Practice

One of my goals for the new year was to nurture my creativity by implementing daily creative practice. While the plan was to do something creative every day, I found that once again daily life got in the way. I did, however, watch all of the videos in Terri Brush's Basic Soldering class and learned some great new techniques. I managed to make some cute glass pendants, chains, and connectors. While I didn't actually physically practice soldering every day, I found that my mind was racing with ideas and I sketched out many of those in my notebook. So, in actuality, I was creating every day, which felt amazing!

Here's what I learned through creative practice this month:

1. Creative practice of any sort takes courage. Courage to use new materials. Courage to fail. Courage to keep trying. Courage to share your work with others. Courage to find yourself important enough to carve out time for practice and believe you are worth it.

2. Soldering requires you to be very intentional and present. You can't let your mind wander when you are holding a torch or liquid metal in your hands.

3. Carving out time for creativity daily is hard to do but so rewarding. Most nights I stumbled downstairs to the basement to my little art corner,  when what I really wanted to veg out in front of the tv with my husband... but when I sat down I felt so awake and inspired and that is a wonderful way to end the day.

Do you have a daily creative practice { yoga? writing? photography?}? How has daily practice impacted your life?

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