Thursday, January 5, 2017

Plucky Girl Plans and Projects for 2017

For 2017 I would like to come up with a plan for this blog. Right now I just randomly write something when I have time.  In 2017, I'd like to make my posting more intentional and find a system that works for me. I want to some how tie the posts to my OLW {Nurture}.  I think a schedule will help to keep me focused but not sure if it will feel too constrictive...For now this is what I'm going to try:

Weekly Posts: 

Monday: Meal planning, Weekly Intentions & 'Body Check'.  This works for me. I like setting my weekly intentions and meal planning helps me to stay on track with nourishing my body.

Tuesday:  Teach them. All things learning related. Maybe what my kids need to learn before they leave home or what my students need to learn before they leave my classroom or what parents need to learn to help their children at home...Not sure what it will look like but will definitely be linked to teaching & learning.

Wednesday: What I am reading & What we are reading & creating in our Plucky Girl Book Club{ a book club for teens & tweens focusing on books for smart, brave, confident girls}

Thursday: I've always made a list of monthly creative projects/ classes that I am working on and I think that I will post my progress here...along with some tutorials {maybe}.

Friday: Friends & Family ~ focusing on nurturing relationships with friends and/or family: movie & game nights, outings & date nights

Saturday: Projects for the home. I'm not a talented decorator but I really want to create cozy, clutter-free living spaces for my family so this will be my attempt at doing so.

Sunday: Weekly reflection / Project Life(?)

Monthly Projects:

January: Soldering Terri Brush Classes- Bezels & Basic Soldering

February: Soldering- Hand Forged with Stephanie Lee

March: Watercolor 

April: Mixed Media Art/ Collage

May: Book Making & Art Journaling

June: Photography

July: Creatively Made Home & Creatively Made Home Summer Series { Jeanne Oliver}

August: Mixed Media Art / Sketching

September: Fall & Home decorating/ canning

October: Jewelry Making with different mediums

November: Stitching / Sewing

December: Artsy Ornaments / Gift making

I'm not sure how this is going to work out but I am going to try! I'm excited to learn, practice and share with you this year! Here's to a productive 2017!

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