Saturday, November 7, 2015

What is a Plucky Girl you Ask?

A plucky girl is a girl who has courage in the face of challenges.

She may be young or old or any age in between.
She strives to create a safe space for herself and for others so that they feel safe to dream, safe to live with their weaknesses, their frailties, and their differences. She lives in the safety of her strengths and accomplishments; the safety of knowing who she is and how she is and what she is and who she wants to become.

She reminds others how capable they are especially when they are not feeling capable at all. She celebrates the talents, strengths and skills of others while living her truth and she refuses to shrink for others.

She is resilient, strong and powerful! She uses her power to make her life and the life of others more joyful.

She overcomes, restores, changes and perseveres amidst some of life’s most awesome challenges. She uses her power to create things that have never been created before. She is an artist. She strives to make the world a better place!

She bravely shares her stories to inspire others, even when she yearns to keep them hidden. She is a storyteller.

She creates an environment where all people feel encouraged to seek out and find their personal missions in life and then encourages them to go out and live them. She encourages others to try new things, to forgive, to be happy in spite of their obstacles, to speak, to listen, to create. She tries to create real and lasting connections with others in which they take care of each other and look out for one another. She encourages others to seek out truth and beauty in their own lives.

She is brave, bold, daring, spirited and alive!

She is a soccer player, musician, artist or scholar.

She is your teacher, your mom, your sister, your best friend, your partner, your daughter…She is you!

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